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I'm an Italian dancer who started her dance journey falling in love with Bharatanatyam, a very theatrical and expressive South Indian classical dance, in 2009. Bharatanatyam's origins date back to 2000 years ago; this dance was born in the Hindu temples as a way to express devotion and gratitude to the Hindu Gods and to express bliss and joy. After this love at first sight, dance has become my main field and intense passion.

I lived in India to train intensively and deepen my knowledge of this fascinating ancient art form there. 

Over the past years I've traveled to many different countries always taking with me this dance, sharing it with as many people as possible, giving workshops, classes and performances.

artistic training

- From 2008 onwards: study and practice of classical Indian dance-theatre Bharatanatyam with the teacher, dancer and choreographer Maresa Moglia in Italy and with the Guru from Kalakshetra Academy Prof. MR Krishnamurti in India;

- From 2010 onwards: series of intensive workshops with the leading experts and masters of Bharatanatyam Leela Samson, CV Chandrashekar, Mavin Khoo, Praveen Kumar, Shantala Shivalingappa, Bragha Bessel, between Italy and India;

- 2019: various intensive contemporary dance workshops, at Cango with Yasmine Hugonnet, in Rovereto with Compagnia Abbondanza Bertoni, in Florence with Fabbrica Europa and Katie Duck;

- March-April 2018: intensive workshop for dancers with Ramona Caia at Cango, Florence, Italia;

- January 2018: intensive contemporary dance workshop with Giorgio Rossi at Sosta PalmiziCortona;

- December 2017: intensive workshop on the monologue with Leonardo Capuano at Il Lavoratorio, Firenze, and intensive selective workshop on the piece "Biancaneve" with Il teatro del Carretto at Il Funaro, Pistoia, Italy;

- Summer 2017: intensive theatrical workshops with Leonardo Capuano, Andrea Cosentino and Familie Flöz in Italy;

- April 2017: Intensive workshop with Gary Brackett of Living Theatre, Florence, Italy;

- 2016 - 2017: series of intensive theatre workshops with the British director and actor David Glass, Italy and Bosnia;

- December 2016: intensive workshop of improvisation with the dancer and choreographer Katie Duck, Amsterdam, Holland;

- November 2016: Intensive workshop of contemporary dance and dance-theatre with Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni, Rovereto, Italy;

- 2015 - 2017: practice of flamenco with Francesca Stocchi, Siena, Italy;

- Summer 2015: residential and intensive workshop with the Indian performing arts group Milon Mela, Italy;

- Summer 2013: International intensive summer school of theatre Playing Identities, an EU project hosted by the University of Siena, Siena, Italy;

- 2006 - 2008: improvisational theatre course at the school TeatrO2, with the artistic direction of Mila Moretti, Siena, Italy.

languages spoken

Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Russian, Portuguese and English) obtained with final vote of 110/110 cum laude, at the University of Siena in 2011. 

- Italian (mother tongue), English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian, German, basics of Farsi and Hindi.


performances & projects


From 2014 onwards I danced as a soloist in many contexts in Italy and abroad, both in theatres and cultural associations, to create a dialogue between different cultures, to collect funds and do charity, in various events.

I've been collaborating with different artists: musicians coming from varied backgrounds, poets, actors and tap, contemporary, hip hop and indian classical dancers. 

From 2018 I work with the Hindustani trio Kalyan That, developing a project in which we created a dialogue between the North and the South Indian artistic traditions. In the same direction we've been working with the musicians Nihar Mehta, Nicolas Delaigue and Francesco Gherardi. 

In 2012 I spent a year in India working as a volunteer with children in rural contexts, within a European Voluntary Service project.

These are some of my main performances, throughout the years:

- May 2022: performance with musicians at Instabile, Florence and solo performance at Hariom Art of Yoga, Cyprus

- November 2020: Solo performance at Prachtwerk, Berlin

- January 2020: Bharatanatyam solo performances for the Volkenkunde Museum, Leiden, Holland;

- 2020: Various solo performances in Mexico: Oaxaca, El Venadito, Chiapas, Caracol Zapatista de Morelia, San Cristobal de las Casas, El Wapani;

- May 2019: Bharatanatyam performances for Soprintendenza Beni CulturaliRome, Italy;

- April 2019: Bharatanatyam performances for La nuit des musées, in Nice, France;

- February 2019: performances in Tehran, Iran, with the Iranian dancer Shima Mahdavi

- November 2017: Periferika performing art place, Krypton teatro production, with the direction of Giancarlo Cauteruccio at Tenax, Florence, Italy;

- October 2017: Muovere un cielo pieno di figure vive, Krypton teatro production, with the direction of Giancarlo Cauteruccio in Florence;

- April 2017: The brides (physical theatre), directed by David Glass, at Teatro dei Rozzi, Siena, Italy;

- March 2017: Bharatanatyam dance show at the Centre Culturel La Providence, Nice, France;

- October 2016: Experimental performance Irradiazioni (dance-theatre, poetry, singing) at Villa Romana, Florence, Italy;

- February - October 2016: dance performances promoted by the Arts Council of England at Coffin Works in Birmingham,  at Rich Mix in London and at The Way in Wolverhampton within the project Like Mirabai, along with the deaf-mute dancer Billy Read. 

During the project I choreographed a fusion dance-theatre piece, between the classical Indian dance and hip-hop dance, creating a dialogue and a narrative between the worlds of the two dancers and interpreting Indian contemporary poems with the vocabulary of the hand gestures of Bharatanatyam and, in parallel, the gestures of sign language.

During this project we also offered several workshops for local teenagers;

- January 2016: series of Bharatanatyam Indian classical dance performances in Brazil, one of them at the Cultural Center of the Indian Consulate, Sao Paulo.


classes & workshops


I've been offering group and individual classes in many contexts, for adults, teenagers and children. Mainly I've given training in England, Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Mexico, also within EU or Arts Council England projects. In the classes I give I also use Sivananda Hatha Yoga, which I learnt in India at the Madurai Sivananda Yoga Ashram. Other aspects I like to explore when I offer a training of Bharatanatyam are the theoretical, rhythmical and musical aspects of this dance. It is a fascinating ocean you never end to discover! I'm available and very happy to work privately, both individually and for groups, for communities and people with diverse abilities. I profoundly believe in the extremely positive and therapeutical impact of Indian classical dance in people's lives.


videos & photos



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